Day 70

Where do I feel comfortable? What do I need for that? And how do I know what is good for me? A place where I can truly be myself. Just beeing. There are some words coming to my mind.

Healing, unfolding and serenity.

What about living in a community? I have had the experience of community life. It’s good to be with like-minded people. And it’s nice to create a sense of community and being part of it. Especially in quiet and peaceful places. But I think it’s difficult to build up an authentic community. Living in a community is not always a hippy happy life. For example there are also tasks that are not that great. But they have to be done. And there are days when other people are in bad mood or feeling not good.

Are humans truly social beings?

People can be very difficult. Human beings are sometimes really strange. And I am feeling sad about it because people sometimes behave so selfish. They are not mindful. And it’s really interesting that people behave strangely even if they’re interested in a conscious and mindful life with other people. Another example is that it is important to respect nature. Humans are not alone on this planet. It is not possible to live together if you do not care about others, yourself and nature. I may be too idealistic. But I think human beings should respect the planet and care about it. And they should support each other and promote individual strengths. It’s about holding space, growth and Inspiration. And there’s so much more.